Schenck High School Class of 1968 - 50th Reunion

To: Schenck Class of 1968 Classmates
From: Frank Davis
Re: 50th Reunion Update


Reunion Schedule

Another month has come and gone and we are that much closer to getting together to celebrate our 50th Reunion! I have thoroughly enjoyed talking to all of you as we updated the address and email lists. Throughout last summer, we had several gatherings on the porch where local classmates and their spouses, and even a few classmates who were home for a visit, were able to gather on the porch, try some delicious appetizers, and plan activities for our reunion. Ann and I, along with Morgi the Corgi, are looking forward to seeing you all this summer!

We would like everyone to know that the farm will be open for you to visit with classmates from Thursday afternoon, July 12th, until Sunday, July 15th. Also, included with this update is a separate schedule of things happening each day, but please do not feel obligated to attend everything. Please do what works for you, but know that you are welcome every day!

Summerfest will also be happening in East Millinocket during the same time (You can check out their schedule of events later this spring at

The emphasis of our gathering is to have a place and times where we can catch up with old friends, relive glory days, tell stories, share pictures of grandkids, and inevitably compare the medications we are on and joints we have had replaced! If you can only make one day, try to be here on Saturday. That is the day we will be Grand Marshalls of the Summerfest Parade, the reunion picture will be taken, teachers will be here, the Buffet Dinner will be served, and the raffle prizes will be drawn!

What’s Happening!

  • The tent has been ordered and will be set up and taken down for us. It will be here throughout the reunion. We also have several pop up canopies that will be used. If you have one of these pop up canopies and live in the area, give me a call at 746-3092.
  • Our nametags will be badges with our high school pictures and names on them. Barbara Witham has graciously picked up the tab for this! Please join me in thanking her when you get the chance!
  • Dennis Rosebush will be playing 60’s music for us throughout the reunion! If you have special requests, Dennis can be reached at 723-6576 or [email protected]
  • Patsy Deschenes Chasse is working on a Memory Wall with candids from our high school days. If you have any of your old photos, you can reach Patsy at 723-9294 or [email protected]. If you kept any of the old grade school class pictures with our teachers, give me a call and I’ll have them scanned.
  • Mary Crosby Desantis is doing a Memorial Tribute for our classmates who have passed away. We also have come up with a list of those who were in our class who did not graduate with us, but who have also passed away.
  • Gibby Rossignol and John Beaulieu, Joanne Cox’s husband, have repaired our outhouse and it will be ready to go this summer
  • Carl Stanley has once again volunteered to take the class picture as well as candids throughout the weekend. Carl will also make CD’s of the pictures for everyone!
  • Rhonda Pasenen Murphy and Ann continue to work on the food plan for the reunion. As we get closer to the date, we will be contacting you for dips, salads, sides and desserts. Our thanks go to Leslie Taylor Powers who has volunteered to supply our reunion cake.
  • There will be a commemorative pen set for our 50th Reunion that will be on display. If you are interested in purchasing one, you can order one at the reunion.
Costs: Pen - $5.00       Pen with a decorative wooden case - $10.00
  • If there is something mentioned above that you would like to work on, please contact me or one of the people listed. If there is something else that should be added to any of the days, please let me know.

What to bring!
  • Camp chairs – We ask that locals bring camp chairs with them and a couple of extras if you have them. We will have chairs for attendees from away. Locals who have benches or swing sets that we can use, please call Frank.
  • Beverages – Water, iced tea, lemonade and coffee will be provided. If you would like other beverages, please bring your own.
Parking: There will be areas designated for parking. You may want to drop off riders, coolers, chairs, etc. at the house and then go park. We will have golf carts to shuttle back and forth.
Workers: We have several neighbors and friends who have agreed to help throughout the weekend so that we all can be visiting rather than working. We will be sure to let you know when help is needed as we move towards the reunion!
Finances: There is no charge for the reunion. However, we do want to defray the costs. There will be a jar available for donations. We also have worked very hard to get prizes donated that we hope you will take chances on. The list of prizes and the format for the drawings will come in a future email.

As we send out more information, we will continue to update the school's website. For those classmates who do not have email, I will either mail the information or hand-deliver it. If you have any questions or additional ideas for the reunion, please call me at 746-3092. I would love to hear from you!