Student of the Quarter

*To be issued to one student from each grade (9-12), each quarter

Congratulations to the following Schenck High School students:

1st Quarter 2019-2020

Wyatt Stanley - Grade 9
Alyssa Stanley - Grade 10
Regan Currie - Grade 11
Andrew Goulas - Grade 12
  •  No student can win twice in any one academic year
  •  Minimum GPA of 85 or higher
  •  Student Absences limited to only 3 excused per quarter
  •  Demonstrates leadership in the classroom
  •  Does not have any discipline issues that may be of concern during the quarter to which they are considered
  •  Community service and leadership may be considered
  •  Student achievement and progress is considered (ex: student rose from a C/D to a B-)
  •  Each category is and consideration is at the teacher’s discretion 
 Selection Process:
  • Nominating process: Teachers will assemble each quarter to put together a list of likely candidates to send to the administration committee for review.  In which time administration will assess whether the candidate(s) have any violations within the purview of the criteria or any other disciplinary concerns.  After said screening the administration will send a list of candidates back to the teachers to decide on a final candidate for the award. 
  •  Administration Committee office staff and administration will weigh in on the process but are not to surpass or create additional criteria for this award.  They will also monitor and share attendance and disciplinary issues to assist the teaching staff with their selection(s).
  • Ed Techs may participate in the nomination process.  They will go to a teacher(s) with their thoughts, concerns, and selection.  The teacher(s) will provide advocacy to the teaching staff during the final selection discussions.