"East Millinocket Schools will empower our students to dream, aspire, and achieve."

Nestled among the tall pines in the shadow of Mt. Katahdin, the East Millinocket Schools are located in the beautiful Katahdin Region and serve as the public schools for the Towns of East Millinocket, Medway, and Woodville. 

Opal Myrick Elementary School consists of grades Pre-K to Grade 4.  Grades 5 to 8 attend Medway Middle School which has been a long-time educational partner with the East Millinocket Schools. 

Schenck High School consists of grades 9 to 12 and offers a rigorous curriculum ranging from dual enrollment college classes to AP and honors classes.  A very popular Outdoor Education Program trains students using adventure based experiential learning opportunities to become outdoor enthusiasts and skilled in traversing the wilderness terrain that is abundant in this Katahdin Region. 

East Millinocket Schools, while retaining many of its fine traditions, continues to explore options to enhance educational opportunities for the students of the Katahdin Region. 

Medway Middle School

Town of East Millinocket

Katahdin Area Higher Education Center

Northern Penobscot Tech Region III

Schenck High School Schedules

Students may access their schedules on Tuesday, September 8th on the PowerSchool grade portal.  Freshman and Sophomores may call or email to request changes to schedules on Tuesday and Wednesday (Sept 8 & 9), while Juniors and Seniors may call or email on Thursday and Friday (Sept 10 & 11). 
Please understand that due to CoVid-19, classroom spacing, and size limitations, we have to restrict numbers in certain classes and not all electives may be available.


Update 08.26.20 - School To Re-Open on September 14th starting with Remote Instruction

On Tuesday, August 25, 2020, the East Millinocket School Committee voted unanimously to delay the start of in-person instruction for students at Opal Myrick and Schenck High School.  They also approved a change in the school calendar so that students will not begin remote instruction until September 14th.  Elementary students will begin school with online and remote instruction for the first two weeks and return to in-person instruction on September 28.th   Schenck High School students will also begin remote instruction on September 14th and return for in-person instruction on October 5th.  Students enrolled in Region III programs will also engage in online learning until October 5th.  More information concerning remote learning and the start of in-person will be mailed to each parent by the week of September 8th.  
For more information about the start of the 2020-2021 school year, please go to our Re-Opening Plan page: https://ems.memberclicks.net/covid-19