Hall of Fame

Established 2017

Athletics Arts Distinguished Alumni Faculty Special Contributors

 The recipients  of the Schenck High School Hall of Fame are annually announced at the Schenck Winter Carnival in March.  You will find the current list at this link.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Schenck High School Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor alumni who have demonstrated excellence in the field of athletics, the arts, or their chose profession.  The Hall of Fame will also recognize and honor individuals who may or may not be Schenck graduates but have made significant contributions to the school community. 


In the summer of 2016, East Millinocket Superintendent of Schools, Eric Steeves, formed a committee to explore the idea of a Schenck High School Hall of Fame.  The committee researched existing Halls of Fame, both within the state of Maine and throughout the northeastern United States.  Some of those only honored achievements in athletics while others were more encompassing. 

The Schenck High School Hall of Fame Committee chose to honor individuals for excellence in a wide variety of categories.  Schenck alumni may be nominated for their excellence in athletics, the arts, or their professional careers.  Individuals, who may or may not be Schenck alumni, may also be nominated for outstanding service to the Schenck High School community.  These individuals may include teachers, coaches, other school staff, or members of the community. 

Nomination Criteria:

Schenck alumni must have been out of high school for a minimum of 10 years and Schenck faculty or staff must have left their position for a minimum of five years.  (The faculty time requirement may be waived by the Schenck Hall of Fame Committee in special circumstances.)  Posthumous nominations will also be accepted.  Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Nomination Process:

Nominations for the Schenck High School Hall of Fame are open from January 1st through December 31st of the same calendar year.  Once nominated, a nominee will be considered in subsequent years without having to be re-nominated.

Nomination forms may be obtained from the Schenck High School office, local businesses such as Stanley's Auto, Lennie's, Mary Anne's, Crandall's Hardware, Ellis Family Market, Davis Pharmacy, and EastMill Federal Credit Union, and the East Millinocket, Medway and Woodville town offices or online at the Schenck High School website - www.eastmillinocketschools.org.

Nominators are asked to check one or more of the categories that apply to the person they are nominating, fill in all contact information, and support their nomination by listing relevant information about the person's accomplishments. 

Completed nomination forms may be submitted as follows:

  • Hand-delivered to Kim Lyons at the Schenck High School office

  • Emailed to Kim Lyons at klyons@emmm.org

  • Mailed via USPS and postmarked no later than December 31st to Schenck Hall of Fame, 45 North Street, Suite 1, East Millinocket, ME 04430

Selection Process:

After reviewing all of the nominations, each of the seven members of the Schenck Hall of Fame committee will select 50% of the nominees.  These selections will then be tabulated to determine a list of finalists. 

In the final phase of the selection process, each committee member will rank order their top selections.  Ballots from the seven members of the committee will be sealed in an envelope and delivered to two independent counters who will then tabulate all of the votes to determine the nominees with the highest scores. 

Announcement and Induction:

Each year, the new members of the Schenck High School Hall of Fame will be announced at the Schenck Winter Carnival in March.   See who the new inductees are here!

The formal induction into the Schenck High School Hall of Fame will be held at a luncheon during the East Millinocket's Summerfest in July.  At that time, each inductee will receive a plaque, emblematic of the inductee's membership in the Schenck High School Hall of Fame

Wall of Fame:

A "Wall of Fame" will be constructed at Schenck High School in a prominent place where members of the public, faculty, and students will have the opportunity to see photos of the honorees and read a brief biography of their accomplishments.  A permanent nameplate for each inductee will symbolize membership in this very distinguished group of individuals.

Schenck High School Hall of Fame Committee:

The committee consists of seven members whose duties include:

  • Evaluating nominations and voting for inductees,

  • Providing press releases and announcing new inductees at Winter Carnival,

  • Planning and hosting the induction luncheon during Summerfest,

  • Producing a booklet with pictures and biographies of all new inductees,

  • Procuring plaques and nameplates for the inductees, 

  • Updating the Schenck High School website with Hall of Fame information,

  • Overseeing the public display for the "Wall of Fame," and

  • Evaluating Hall of Fame procedures annually and revising as necessary.

Current members of the Schenck High School Hall of Fame Committee include:

Frank Davis, Chair
Judy Fernald
Louise Fiske
Eddie Hamm
Mindy MacKenzie
Mark Scally
Kim Smith

Members of the public who have an interest in serving on the committee may sign up at the Schenck High School office.  When openings occur, the current committee members will vote on replacements. 

People having questions concerning the Schenck Hall of Fame or the nomination process may contact Frank Davis at fdavis@pwless.net or 746-3092.

For a printable version of this information and the Schenck Hall of Fame Nomination Form, please follow this link: Nomination Form