School Safety and Security

Given the serious nature of the security threats to schools around the nation, East Millinocket School Department wants to reassure our parents, families, and community that our students' safety and security is of utmost importance to us and we do not take these concerns lightly.

Posted in each classroom and office of Opal Myrick and Schenck High School is an Emergency Evacuation Map with evacuation routes as well as an Emergency Procedures Booklet and Lock Down Protocols. 

There are three levels of Lock Down Protocols: 

Level 1: Partial Lockdown

Level 2: Lockdown

Level 3: Evacuation

East Millinocket School Department has several School Board Policies in place directed towards the safety and security of our students and our schools.  The following Policies can be found in the School Board Policies section of our website, but if you click on each title below, you will be able to view a pdf version of the policy directly from here:

EBCA - Crisis Response Plan

EBCB - Emergency Evacuation Drills

EBCC - Bomb Threats

JICIA - Weapons, Violence and School Safety

JIH - Questioning and Searches of Students

JIH-R - Questioning and Searches of Students Procedures

In each of our School Handbooks, is a section pertaining to Fire Drills.

Fire Drills, Lockdowns, and Emergency Evacuations

All schools are required to devise and implement a Crisis Response Plan that addresses precautions and instructions should emergencies occur. These drills are held during the school year as an important activity promoting the safety and wellness of students. Students may be prompted to various actions by either an intercom announcement or the fire alarm. The fire alarm is a buzzing sound or horn. It is essential that when the signal is given, everyone must obey orders promptly. Exiting procedures are posted in each classroom. All students are to move away from the building and remain in class groups to give the teacher an opportunity to take attendance. Students must never re-enter the building except by the ring of the outside bell, and accompanied by their teacher.

The following excerpt is from the Schenck High School Student Handbook - page 30

Fire Drills

A fire evacuation plan is posted in each room. Students should study the plan and become familiar with it. When the alarm sounds, students will immediately stand and file out of the room single file. No one is to pass another or break the line of march. Running is not permitted. The first students to reach an outside door are to hold that door open until all others have left the building. Students should leave the driveways in and around the building clear of any obstructions so that emergency equipment may travel freely and unhampered.

Please direct any questions or concerns you may have to Justin Page, Principal and Stacia Smith, Superintendent. 

School Office: 207-746-3511

Superintendent's Office: 207-746-3500